ECA News

27 representatives from 26 ECA Member Clubs representing no less 17 National Associations attended the first meeting of the 4th Subdivision Group in St Julian's, Malta on the 10th of December.

The 4th Subdivision comprises ECA Member Clubs from National Associations ranked 29th-53rd in the Country Ranking 2013. Clubs from Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Georgia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Republic of Ireland, San Marino and Slovenia took up the opportunity to meet each other in order to discuss topics of common interest.

The topics addressed at the Subdivision Meeting in Malta included the qualification phase to European competitions, the UCL/UEL solidarity payments for qualification rounds, as well as future ECA projects and services to member clubs.

Aušrys Labinas, ECA Executive Board Member and representative of FK Ekranas, said:

     "We don't have many occasions to meet each other, therefore, such a meeting is very important - if not essential - for clubs from our subdivision. We are fully aware that we are small clubs from smaller National Associations, however, we always aim at contributing constructively to discussions affecting European club football. During today's meeting we had the opportunity to share our concerns, our wishes, our experiences and to gather important information, especially with regards to the qualifying rounds of UEFA's club competitions."

Further subdivision meetings will take place throughout the running ECA Membership Cycle.