ECA Media Release

Clubs from around the globe benefit from ECA agreement.

ECA is pleased to announce that 416 clubs affiliated to 63 different National Associations from around the globe will receive a share of the benefits from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

As part of an Agreement between ECA and FIFA, FIFA allocates an amount from the benefits of the FIFA World Cup to clubs in order to recognise the important part they play in the success of the tournament. The agreed provisions set aside for this year’s event in Russia are $209m, a significant increase from the $70m for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The payments are distributed via the National Associations to the clubs of the 736 players who participated in the final competition.

A club’s share of the $209m is calculated by reference to the number of players from a club who were selected for their national team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the number of days each player was at the tournament.

Of the 416 clubs benefiting from such payments, 254 clubs are based in Europe with the remaining 162 clubs registered in National Associations from other Confederations. The total list  includes clubs playing outside their domestic top division and others from National Associations whose national team did not participate in the final competition.

Commenting on the distribution, ECA Chairman Andrea Agnelli stated: “Clubs are the ‘heart of football’ and key contributors, through their players, to the success of the FIFA World Cup. I’m proud that ECA has led the way in ensuring that clubs are properly recognised through this compensation scheme. The amounts distributed reaffirms the clubs’ central role in the continued success and development of the game at all levels.”

The full list of club payments is available here.