Any organisation is only as good as its people and, with the aim of helping clubs develop their off-the-pitch talent, ECA is providing clubs across Europe with a key initiative which will underpin the future of European football. 
The ECA Club Talent & Mentoring Programme (CTMP) was launched in 2022 and provides a path for the development of identified talent within a club’s management and administrative staff. It gives an opportunity to ambitious club professionals to expand their knowledge, develop key skills, grow their network, and learn from the best in the business. 
The CTMP is one of several educational initiatives that are part of the ECA Campus. The ECA Campus brings together all our individual programmes and projects that have been designed to provide knowledge, networking, and growth opportunities for club participants.



  • Online modules
  • In-person modules
  • 12 months of one-to-one mentoring


  • Young club professionals with 1-5 years’ experience


  • €1250-€2000 (Depending on country subdivision)

What does the programme cover? 
Via its mandate of supporting European clubs and its access to industry expertise, ECA has carefully selected topic areas, contributors and developed a format which it believes will best achieve this. 
It is important to provide a holistic view of club management and how these areas are all interconnected and contribute to a club’s success. In headline terms, the CTMP will provide club football insights, strategy in football club management, leadership skills and a 12-month mentoring scheme. 
Are there opportunities to learn directly from senior figures?
A key component of the CTMP is an exclusive mentoring scheme. The scheme aims to connect club talents with highly experienced industry representatives who have the desire to “give back” to football and its future generations. 

How will participants benefit? 
By the end of the programme, participants can expect to have: 

  • Gained a holistic understanding of key areas of football club operations and management;
  • Addressed current challenges in European club football and practised new approaches to problem solving;
  • Developed key soft skills through practical application and feedback;
  • Connected to industry experts and strengthened their own (as well as their club’s) network;
  • Been mentored by highly experienced club executives and developed a personal action plan;
  • Gained confidence, inspiration, and knowledge to create impact at their club and in the wider football industry.

Who is it aimed at? 
The CTMP is for driven, passionate but busy young professionals within clubs,

seeking a compact impactful learning opportunity to help further their careers. Entrants will have different specialisations and educational qualifications, and work in disparate areas of club football. The CTMP will give them a much broader view and understanding of what it takes to run a successful club. 
What is the programme objective? 
The blended learning programme is intended to be unique and dynamic in its approach, with a focus on developing, promoting, and inspiring ambitious club professionals to explore their potential and to positively contribute to the future of club football. 
The programme is aimed at providing the right skills, know-how and professional networking opportunities to succeed in club leadership positions. These foundations will support club professionals as they navigate through the complexities of an ever-changing club environment.