First introduced in 2010 with the aim of rewarding outstanding club performances, encouraging best practice and highlighting successful club management, the objective of the ECA Awards is to create a platform that encourages knowledge sharing and fosters inspiration among ECA Member Clubs.

In other words, a stage where clubs can promote their great projects, initiatives, and partnerships and at the same time receive inspiration from other clubs. However, there can only be one winner per category and we will therefore reward the very best projects, initiatives and partnerships at the occasion of the next ECA General Assembly. 

The ECA Awards 2024 consist of the following categories:

  • ECA Football Award
  • ECA Club Management Award
  • ECA Sustainability Award
  • ECA Commercial Award
  • ECA Visiting Supporters Experience Award


The deadline for applications is 28 June. All entries will be then assessed by the ECA Awards Jury which will comprise ECA Workstream leads along with external experts from the industry and relevant fields.

The nominees will be unveiled in August, with the ECA Awards ceremony taking place at the ECA General Assembly on 8-10 October 2024 in Athens. 

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Recognises exceptional contributions and achievements in women's, youth, or men's football.

The award celebrates clubs who prioritise the non-sporting aspects of football, recognising that the development, well-being, and education of players and coaches are integral to their long-term success both on and off the pitch.

Entries should highlight initiatives aimed at nurturing the development of players, along with efforts to promote player well-being and mental health support. Applicants should illustrate innovative approaches to player education and emphasise a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and equality.


Acknowledges outstanding efficiency, innovation, and excellence in club management.

Entries should highlight exemplary club management practices and display innovative approaches to leadership, governance, and administration. Clubs should also demonstrate strategic planning and implementation of initiatives/processes/tools aimed at improving club operations and performance.

Clubs can illustrate how effective club management has positively impacted various aspects of their operations club, including sporting achievements, fan engagement, and financial sustainability.


Celebrates a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

Clubs should present initiatives and sustainable practices within their operation and the local community, demonstrating tangible and positive outcomes. The emphasis should be on long-term engagement and sustainability.


Recognises excellence in commercial activities and innovative approaches to club development.

Nominees should demonstrate how initiatives have contributed to the overall growth and sustainability of the club and how the club's commercial endeavours have positively impacted its stakeholders, including fans, sponsors, and the broader community, with an emphasis on creativity, strategic thinking, and effective execution.


Recognises clubs who have made a significant effort and investment to provide visiting supporters with a memorable matchday experience.

Applicants should also illustrate measures taken to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of visiting supporters including those with a wide range of disabilities. Clubs should demonstrate a strong effort to improve customer service in the visiting supporter section, i.e. availability of information, responsiveness to inquiries, enhancement of facilities.