Vlatka Peras

Nationality: Croatian
Club role:
GNK Dinamo Zagreb
ECA Board Member since:


Vlatka Peras has been employed at GNK Dinamo since 1998, commencing her tenure as a member of the public relations department.

Subsequently, she transitioned to the sports sector of the club. By 2005, she assumed the role of the head of the club's management office.

Since 2016, her responsibilities encompass the role of a member of the club's Management Board overseeing the human resources sector, and from 2019 onwards, she has taken on the mandate of the President of the Management Board at GNK Dinamo.

During her time, GNK Dinamo has achieved significant success, securing 21 national championships, 13 national cups, and winning 7 national super cups. GNK Dinamo has garnered notable achievements in European competitions as well.

Throughout her tenure, the club has been part of the group stages of UEFA competitions on 19 occasions. In addition, Vlatka holds a position as a member of the Croatian Football Federation Assembly.