Pál Orosz

Nationality: Hungarian
Club : Ferencvarosi TC
ECA Board Member since: 2023


Pál Orosz has been the CEO of Ferencváros since March 2011. He is also the co-owner of the 34 year old advertising and event marketing company based in Budapest Hungary called Human Telex working for multinational companies like Mercedes, Philip Morris, Asahi.
Since 2011 when he became CEO of Ferencváros the club won 6 Hungarian League Championship titles, 4 Hungarian Cup titles and the last 5 years they always qualified to one of the group stages starting from the 1st qualifying round. Once to UCL, three times to UEL and once to UECL. In 2023 they were between 16 best in UEL.
Pál has taken active part in the work of ECA since 2011, he is a Club Management Program alumni, he was regular member of ECA Working Groups and UEFA/ECA task forces.