Aleksandra Milošević

FC Red Star
ECA Board Member since: 2023



Aleksandra Milosevic serves as Chief Financial Officer at FC Red Star since 2021. She is a financial professional with over a decade long experience in corporate banking, business and financial advisory. She graduated from International Finance at Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University in 2009.

Educated macroeconomist, she started working as a corporate banker, transitioning into a turnaround expert, business process specialist, controlling and project management advisor. Her advisory career has taken her from banking and finance to real economy, namely, IT industry, real estate, energy sector, and finally to football. Prior to joining the Red & Whites, she worked as business advisor and head of finance for Shell regional licensee headquartered in Belgrade.

Aleksandra is appointed ECA Board member and Diversity Champion in 2023, also serving at ECA as member of the Finance Working Group.