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With the establishment of the ECA Legal Advisory Panel in April 2011, the ECA Legal Services were born. They were created with the objective to offer ECA Member Clubs general legal advice on FIFA/UEFA regulations as well as on established jurisprudence and procedural rules of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), UEFA and FIFA. The many requests received by member clubs over the past seasons underline that there is a strong need for legal support on specific legal matters affecting the daily business of clubs.

The ECA Legal Services focuses as well on supporting and aligning the club members of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC). As it is extremely important to assure a harmonized approach of the club representatives within the DRC, ECA started to work together with all DRC club members by organising pre-meetings in which the cases of interest to clubs prior to the actual DRC hearings were discussed. This exercise proves very useful as it allows the club representatives to be better prepared to defend the clubs' legitimate interests.

As part of the ECA Legal Services, the first ECA Legal Bulletin was presented at the ECA General Assembly in September 2011 with a view to provide ECA Member Clubs with practical knowledge based on ECA's participation in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber as well as to share best practice on regulatory and legal matters. Furthermore, the bulletin gives practical answers to frequently asked questions by ECA Member Clubs on topical legal issues. As the football business continues to develop at a dramatic pace, it is very important for club lawyers to stay up-to-date with recent jurisprudence affecting their daily business. The ECA Legal Bulletin is published every year at the occasion of the ECA General Assembly in September.

Last but not least, following the ever growing amount of juridical issues, ECA has set up a mediation platform which is competent to hear all disputes of financial nature between member clubs. The ECA Mediation falls under the auspices of the Legal Advisory Panel which is chaired by Mr. Ivan Gazidis, CEO Arsenal FC and member of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber.

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