About ECA

The European Club Association (ECA) is the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level. It replaces the G14 Group and the European Club Forum, both dissolved at the beginning of 2008. ECA was fully recognised by UEFA and FIFA in a formal memorandum of understanding, which was signed in January 2008.

As the representative of 214 clubs (drawn from 53 UEFA Member Associations), we are the nuclear family of the football society. Our association is made of competitive friends, who face each other on the pitch to win the game, but also face each other in meeting rooms while working together for the benefit of all. We promote the interests of European club football.

To our member clubs, we offer services, representation and information and to the main stakeholders, we offer the know-how and experience from the daily life of club football as a sport but also as a business.

Throughout all our activities, we aim to be constructive and challenging in order to really deliver results so we can follow our motto and lead the way for football clubs in Europe.

ECA Objectives:

  • to safeguard and promote the interests of European club football in particular, and club football in general;
  • to represent the interests of the clubs as employers and to act as a social partner where appropriate;
  • to contribute to the healthy development of European club competitions organised by UEFA, by taking part in the relevant decision-making process;
  • to contribute to the good governance of European football, in particular by participating in the appropriate bodies established within UEFA;
  • to foster the exchange of information and expertise between clubs and other football stakeholders;
  • to support and uphold the sporting values and principles on which European football is based;
  • to maintain contacts, cooperation and negotiations with any football-related organisations, or with any relevant public and private institutions as well as with non-member clubs.