Stakeholder Relations

In order to further develop the European club game, ECA maintains close ties with all stakeholders involved in club football. Healthy relations with the football governing bodies and institutions at European Union level are of outmost importance to ECA. ECA enjoys an extremely fruitful partnership with UEFA, which has led to some major achievements for club football over the past couple of years.

Mutual respect, cooperation and fairness: these words characterise the close-working relationship between ECA and UEFA. In 2012, the signing of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding served to further strengthen and reflect the commitment between the organisations in securing football's future in Europe. Over the past years, ECA has actively participated in UEFA's Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) and Club Competitions Committee (CCC). At the 14th ECA General Assembly in Stockholm, ECA and UEFA have announced the renewal of their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) until 31 May 2022. The renewed agreement is a testament to the strength of the strategic partnership ECA and UEFA have developed since 2008, with the new memorandum now including for example both the 2018-21 UEFA club competition cycle and UEFA EURO 2020. The agreement sets a new benchmark for the relationship between clubs and national associations, providing clubs a greater role in top-level governance and an increased share of funding. Click here for more information.

Following the signing of a renewed Memorandum of Understanding with UEFA in 2012, ECA's objective was to find a similar agreement with the world governing body FIFA. Following several discussions and concrete proposals put forward by the ECA Executive Board over the past years, ECA and FIFA have signed a first collaboration agreement in March 2015. The clubs are the lifeblood of football and now their fundamental importance to the global game is being recognised through an agreement with the world governing body: it means recognition, protection and motivation for the clubs whose players light up the international stage. Find out more by clicking here.

As the EU continues to develop its sports policy, ECA actively engages with the various actors within the EU Institutions to ensure that these are fully aware of clubs' views with the aim of shaping policy to meet the demands of clubs. Contacts and relations with EU officials remain regular and are well established given that these have been on-going since the creation of ECA in 2008.