What are the ECA Working Groups?

The ECA Working Groups provide active advice and support to the ECA Executive Board and to ECA representatives participating in committees or working groups at UEFA, FIFA and EU level.

How many ECA Working Groups are there?

The European Club Association counts five different Working Groups. Each of the five Working Groups deal with one of the following topics: Competitions, Finance, Institutional Relations, Marketing & Communication and Youth.

Who are the ECA Working Groups members and how are they appointed?

Each Working Group is composed of 20 members plus the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, selected among officials from ECA Member Clubs, with a special attention to a diverse geographical and club size representation. Club representatives wishing to be part of a Working Group apply at the beginning of the 2-year-cycle, and successively the Board appoints the different Working Groups.

What is an ECA Task Force?

A Task Force is composed of a limited number of Working Group members. It is in charge of studying specific topics, which fall under the competence of a given Working Group, and reports to the Working Group.