Updated Friday 1 May 2020


Joint Letter from UEFA, ECA and European Leagues (2 April)

Joint letter signed by the respective Presidents and Chairman of UEFA, ECA and European Leagues detailing the shared ambition to bring the 2019/20 season's competitions to a natural completion via a collective approach. 

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Circular Letter 2020 No.2 (31 March)

Circular Letter from former ECA General Secretary, now ECA Independent Board Member, Michele Centenaro relating to the evolution of ECA’s organisational model and the structures we have developed within ECA to manage the current crisis.

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Letter from the Chairman (26 March)

Letter from ECA Chairman Andrea Agnelli outlining our clear objectives of (1) defining realistic strategies to resume playing football at domestic and European levels with public and player health as our central concern and (2) defining systems to help manage club financials in this time of social and economic crisis.

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Joint Resolution of the European football family (17 March)

Joint resolution from UEFA, ECA, European Leagues and FIFPro Europe reflecting on the unique set of circumstances European football faces as a result of the ongoing global health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Message to our Members (13 March)

A message to ECA Member Clubs informing you that we are engaging constantly with governing bodies and stakeholders to address the immediate and long term impacts of the pandemic, with the number one priority being to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Entry to the UEFA Europa League (UEL) season 2020/21 - domestic cup winners (1 May)

UEFA circular letter which refers to the UEFA guidelines on eligibility principles for 2020/21 UEFA Club Competitions (UEFA Circular Letter No 24 from 24 April 2020) and goes into more detail on the domestic cup spot in the Europa League 2020/21. Further to the guidelines and in light of the fact that the Regulations of the UEFA Europa League (2020/21 season) (UEL Regulations) will come into force on 1 May 2020, the UEFA Executive Committee took the decision to address the scenario whereby a National Association is not able to complete a domestic cup and, therefore, cannot determine a domestic cup winner that would enter the 2020/21 UEL.

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Guidelines on eligibility principles for 2020/21 UEFA Club Competitions – COVID 19 (24 April)

UEFA circular letter providing information on UEFA’s position in relation to domestic competitions, including the starting point that all efforts should be made to complete the current season, as well as the conditions under which the current season of a domestic championship can be terminated prematurely and, in such a situation, how the spots for UEFA Club Competitions 2020/21 should be allocated. 

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UEFA EURO 2020 club benefits paid in advance (23 April)

UEFA media release announcing the UEFA Executive Committee decision to award clubs in advance with a share of the UEFA EURO 2020 income despite the postponement of the tournament until 2021. As part of the agreement, a total amount of €200m is set aside for clubs to cover both the qualifying rounds and the final tournament. Of this total, €67.7m for the qualification rounds and UEFA Nations League games is to be distributed immediately via UEFA’s 55 National Associations to 676 clubs eligible to receive payments.

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Club Licensing for 2020/21 (3 April)

UEFA Circular letter issued regarding suspending club licensing provisions related to the preparation and assessment of future financial information; extending the deadline for the submission of licensing decisions for participation in the 2020/21 UEFA Club Competitions to 30 June 2020; and extending deadlines applicable to the extraordinary application of the club licensing system.

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COVID-19: Video conference with the 55 NA General Secretaries (2 April)

UEFA presentation shared with the General Secretaries of its 55 National Associations, detailing the considered options for rescheduling of national team and club matches for the 2019/20 season.

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Application of FFP in light of COVID-19 (20 March)

UEFA Circular Letter containing important indications with respect to the application of UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations in the context of the current crisis (including remarks on the principle of force majeure).

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Postponement deadline overdue payables (18 March)

UEFA Circular Letter indicating that, in light of the exceptional circumstances, the deadline by which clubs must prove that they have no overdue payables for licensing purposes is postponed to 30 April 2020.

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COVID-19: Football Regulatory Issues (8 April)

FIFA issued a set of guidelines on player contracts and transfer-related matters in light of the disruption to football caused by COVID-19. The FIFA guidelines, which were developed in consultation with ECA, FIFPro, World Leagues Forum as well as NAs and Confederations, contain some relevant guiding principles and recommendations on items of importance to club football. ECA has prepared a supporting note highlighting the key topics addressed in the FIFA guidelines and providing certain indications which may assist clubs in understanding the scope/impact of their application.

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Release of players to association teams (13 March)

FIFA Circular Letter with details on decisions taken by the Bureau of the Council on the release of players to association teams for the international windows in March and April. 

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