Updated Monday 25 May 2020

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Government allowed the start of training in respect of the protocols as approved by the Ministry of Health.

The competition will restart on 3 June, subject to confirmation by the Government. 


No indication from Government on restart of sports competitions.

Training to resume on 11 May or 18 May. No clarity around restart of 19-20 season but the plan is to finalise albeit under a different format.



Government allowed for individual training as from 23 April. Maximum 20 people per pitch during training.

FA wishes to resume the competition on 23 May until 10 July.


Government has issued strict health guidelines especially around quarantine rules for players. FA and Government now agreed on way forward (timeline and procedure in case of positive tests amongst players)

19/20 season to restart in first week of June. Medical protocol approved by Government. Players tested positive go into quarantine; team mates may continue to train/play as long as tested negative.


Country-wide lockdown extended to 31 May. Government has not issued specific guidance on sports.

FA developed protocol. FA directives on restarting of training and 19/20 season revoked due to quarantine extension. Earliest possible restart of 19/20 season in June.


Government allowed the domestic league to continue the season.

Some games were suspended recently as players from two clubs showed symptoms of COVID-19. The rest of the games to take place as planned.


6 May Government decision to suspend all sports until 31 July.

League decision to terminate 19/20 season on 6 May. Promotion game and cup final could still be played early August.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Government suspended football training and games until 1 July at least.

Local Federation is considering terminating the current season if the Government restrictions are not softened. Government excluded football from scope of COVID-19 financial support law.


No clear indication around resumption of sports.

FA leading discussions with stakeholders around possible resumption of 19/20 season. Training expected to be allowed as of 13 May with decision around 19-20 season restarting possibly on 5 or 12 June expected on same day.


No guidance from the Government yet.

The FA announced that league matches will resume as of 6 June pending Government approval. No medical protocol for games yet. Training in small groups allowed since week commencing 4 May.


Government to present medical protocol prior to restarting collective training.

Competition terminated early further to request from majority of clubs. No champion, no relegation.

Czech Republic - RESUMED

Government has published guidelines around how public events applicable to football can take place.

Resumed on 23 May.


Active engagement between football authorities and Government. Government has now given approval resumption of football.

Season will be resumed on 28 May and will last until 26 July.


Government keen to resume football as soon as it’s safe to do so – coordinating route with stakeholders to resume game.

Discussions ongoing on how/when/where to resume competition.

Estonia -RESUMED

Government has approved restart of football based around protocol.

19-20 season resumed on 19 May. Medical protocol similar to Bundesliga.


Faroe Islands - RESUMED

Football competition resumed on 9 May.


Teams have been permitted to resume training in limited numbers since 3 May.

League will begin its season on 1 July and play through to November with the full 27 game season taking place.


Government has announced that football will not resume until September at the earliest.

Final league positions for 19/20 season determined on basis of points/game.

Cup may be played in Aug – subject to UEFA approval. Government to provide state aid to support clubs impacted by decision to end season.


Restart of sporting activities foreseen by Government as from 5 July. Possibility that this may be brought forward depending on developments.

Restricted training permitted. No clarity around group training or restart of 19/20 season. No medical protocol.

Germany - RESUMED

Government has given go ahead for football to resume as of 15 May.

Bundesliga resumed on 16 May.

Gibraltar – CANCELLED

FA has called off 19/20 season. Decision expected on final league standings.


Government decision on 30 April to allow for the resumption of training under certain conditions.

Protocol exists for training but not matches. Resumption of training in limited groups as of 5 May. Possible restart on 6 June subject to Government approval.

Hungary - RESUMED

Government has adopted decree allowing for resumption of training and matches.

19-20 season resumed on 23 May with completion planned for 27 June.



Government has not issued any formal guidelines.

Season to span 14 June – end of October. No medical protocol being applied.


Government expected to approve medical protocol shortly.

Teams allowed to train in limited groups since 22 April. 19/20 season can resume on 30 May.


All sports events are suspended until 14 June by Government. A meeting between the Sports Minister and the FA is foreseen on May 28; the resumption date will be discussed/decided then.

Individual training permitted as of 4 May – team training might be allowed again on 21 May (waiting for Government approval). New Medical protocol approved by the Government task force.


FA and League waiting for approval from Government to restart 19/20 season.

Aim to restart 19/20 season under new format in June. FA still to develop protocols.


Government would allow resumption of training as from 18 May and domestic competitions as from 2 June.

Domestic league to restart 7 June.


Government expected to provide update around lockdown on 12 May. 

Restart on 26 June is intended, subject to Government approval.


Normal training resumed since 30 April.

No indication in relation to resumption of 19/20 season.

Luxembourg – CANCELLED

Government order forbidding group sports until 31 May.

FA decided to cancel 19/20 season. Many players live in Belgium, Germany, France, which complicates planning.


Government yet to decide on resumption of football.

Expected decision on 24 May. If decision is made to finalise 19/20 season final rounds of games and cup to be played in July. Medical protocol not agreed – resumption of training delayed.



Government allowed for resumption of 19/20 season on 1 June if contamination level remains under control.

Resumption of training on 18 May. FA to officially restart domestic league on 30 May; end date 28 July (13 rounds). Domestic cup will be finalised as well (Cup final on 2 August).

The Netherlands - CANCELLED

Government has announced that football will not resume until September at the earliest.

Decision to void 19/20 season – no winners or promotion/relegation. UEFA Club Competitions participation based on league places according to last round of matches.

North Macedonia

FA awaiting Government guidance around resumption of football.

Northern Ireland

UK Government still to make a decision on football competitions.

No date for restart of 19/20 season or even training; several scenarios on the table. No medical protocol.


Government has given go ahead for the resumption of football.

New season to begin on 16 June. Guidelines have been elaborated covering training and matches. Full team training allowed. Medical protocols are in place.


Government has agreed to resumption of 19/20 season as of end of May, subject to strict conditions.

Training in small groups as of 4 May – full training 9 May. League has announced restart of 19/20 season for 29 May.


Government confirmed that 19/20 season can resume - only for the 1st division - at the end of May on condition that there is a suitable medical protocol in place.

Team training restarted on 4 May. Resumption of 19/20 season on 4 June.

Republic of Ireland

No specific Government guidelines around resumption of sports.

Training not permitted – possible resumption of season in June. Medial protocol well advanced – expected presentation shortly. Season spans March - November so suspension took place after 5 games of a 36 game season.


Ministry of Health & League working on medical protocol.

No confirmation yet on restart of 19/20 season. Training to restart on 15 May. Aim for 19/20 season to be finalised between 13 June - end of July.


Government assessing situation – possible decision around resumption of 19/20 season on 27 May.

Planning around possible resumption of 19/20 season on 21 or 28 June.

San Marino

Government has stated that sports clubs can only resume activities as of 31 May.

Limited chance of 19/20 season restarting.

Scotland - CANCELLED

Government restrictions in place at least until 10 June. Uncertainty on date of potential restart.

On 18 May, top tier clubs agreed to terminate season prematurely; average points per game used to determine final placings.


Domestic league to restart on 30 May with changed format - no play-offs.


Government still undecided on when football can resume.

League decision around restart of 19/20 season expected on 22 May. If positive decision - restart could take place on 6 June at the earliest.



Discussions between Government and football authorities ongoing - no decisions yet.

Aim is to complete 19/20 season but no clarity around dates at this stage. Individual training allowed. No medical protocol.


Government has approved plans for resumption of competition for week of 8 June.

Ideal resumption of 19/20 season on 12 June, aiming to finish by the end of July.


Government has ordered cancellation of all adult sport. Draft protocol relating to resumption of matches to be presented to Government for approval week 11 May.

Plan for new season to begin on 14 June and played through to beginning of December. Training permitted under strict rules.


Government supports efforts to resume professional football.

Possibility to train as from 11 May; clubs will decide on resumption of competitions on 29 May; possible restart on 18 June.



Government actively engaged with FA and stakeholders in planning resumption of 19/20 season.

19/20 season to resume on 12 June for completion by 26 July.


Government allowed for (restricted) training as from 12 May.

Aim to restart 19/20 season as from 30 May and complete by 24 July.


The FA has confirmed the end of domestic leagues this season. Connah's Quay Nomads crowned Champions. Promotion/relegation still to be determined.