Updated Friday 10 July 2020

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Albania - RESUMED

Competition restarted on 3 June. Possibility to allow spectators in the stadium is definitely off the table by the Government, at least till the end of this season.

Andorra - RESUMED

League restarted on 5 July-


Armenia - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 23 May until 10 July. Currently, only 150 people allowed in the stadium (including players, staff). Given the aggravating COVID-19 situation in Armenia, the measures would rather become stricter than more flexible.

Austria - RESUMED

19/20 season restarted on 2 June. Medical protocol approved by Government. Players tested positive go into quarantine; team mates may continue to train/play as long as tested negative.
Return of fans to stadium only as from September (20/21 season).

Azerbaijan - CANCELLED

On 18 June, the decision was taken to terminate the 19/20 season.


Some games were suspended recently as players from two clubs showed symptoms of COVID-19. The rest of the games to take place as planned. No Government restrictions in terms of spectators, but the FA made a strong recommendation to the clubs only to make available to fans a part of their stadium capacity.


League decision to terminate 19/20 season on 6 May. Cup Final scheduled for 1 August; Promotion Play-Off return leg foreseen on 2 August. Limited stadium capacity as from start of new season (7 August) (% of maxim capacity). Details TBD. 

Bosnia & Herzegovina - CANCELLED

The Federation decided to terminate the competition prematurely. FK Sarajevo was declared Champion.

Bulgaria - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 5 June (reduced play-Off format). 30% of capacity as from 5 June. Fans must be seated with 2 empty seats/rows in between.

Croatia - RESUMED

Domestic Cup resumed on 30 May; Competition resumes on 6 June. Discussions with Government ongoing; outcome expected in second half of June.


Competition terminated early further to request from majority of clubs. No champion, no relegation.

Czech Republic - RESUMED

Resumed on 23 May. 500 fans allowed as from 8 June; might go up quickly, as negotiations with Government are held on daily basis.

Denmark - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 28 May and will last until 26 July. 500 people allowed in stadium (including players, staff). Additional spectators are allowed in - as a test - at a selection of games in the second half of June.

England - RESUMED

Competition resumes on 17 June. Plans to have fans back in stadium as from late autumn.

Estonia -RESUMED

19/20 season resumed on 19 May. Medical protocol similar to Bundesliga. 1000 fans allowed as from 1 July.


Faroe Islands - RESUMED

Football competition resumed on 9 May. 100 spectators per section in the stadium allowed.

Finland - STARTED

Season started on 1st July and will be played through to November. 30% of capacity for each separate stand in the stadium (with some conditions).


Final league positions for 19/20 season determined on basis of points/game. As from 11 July, fans are allowed in sports venues again (max. 5000 fans in first instance).

Georgia - STARTED

Competition started on 25 June. 

Germany - RESUMED

Bundesliga resumed on 16 May. No spectators allowed.

Gibraltar – CANCELLED

FA has called off 19/20 season. Decision expected shortly on final league standings.

Greece - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 6 June. Request to Government to allow 20% of normal capacity in stadium.

Hungary - RESUMED

19/20 season resumed on 23 May with completion planned for 27 June. Limited number of fans allowed (three empty seats between each spectator and every other row remains empty).

Iceland - RESUMED

Season to span 13 June – end of October. No medical protocol being applied. 500 adults per sector (+ unlimited children under 17y); de facto this means no restriction.

Israel - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 30 May. No fans allowed; discussions with Government ongoing. Some incidents with fans of clubs gathering around stadium without social distancing.


Domestic Cup resumed on 12 June; Competition to resume on 20 June until 2 August. FA hopes to have fans in stadium again in July.


Kazakhstan - RESUMED

Aim to restart 19/20 season under new format, probably as from 1 July. Government to take decision.

Kosovo - RESUMED

Domestic league restarted on 7 June. No spectators allowed; FA in talks with Government to allow for limited number of spectators in stadium.

Latvia - RESUMED

Restart on 15 June is confirmed. Reduced format, running until 29 November (summer league). First games without attendance; after couple of weeks: 300 spectators.

Lithuania - RESUMED

League resumed on 30 May. Gradually increasing number of allowed spectators (700 spectators as from 15 June) with aim to going back to normal as soon as possible.

Luxembourg – CANCELLED

FA decided to cancel 19/20 season.


FA decided to terminate 19/20 season early. Floriana crowned champions, no relegation.

Moldova - RESUMED

Domestic cup resumed on 20 June; league started on 3 July. 


Competition resumed on 30 May but suspended due to second wave of contamination amongst players. Maximum 200 spectators allowed for the moment; discussions with government to increase this figure.

The Netherlands - CANCELLED

Decision to void 19/20 season – no winners or promotion/relegation. UCC participation based on league places according to last round of matches.

North Macedonia - CANCELLED

Restart on 21 June had to be postponed due to several positive cases amongst players. Ultimately, the league was terminated early.

Northern Ireland - CANCELLED

No restart of the 2019/20 season. Mathematical model will be applied to determine final ranking. National Cup (SF+F) will be played before 3 August. Limited number of fans allowed as from 1 Sept (1,5m distance). No chanting will be allowed.

Norway - RESUMED

New season began on 16 June. Season will be played in full (30 Match Dates).

Poland - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 29 May. 25% of normal stadium capacity as from 19 June. Fans to wear mask when entering stadium.

Portugal - RESUMED

19/20 season resumed on 3 June. No spectators allowed for now; discussions with Government are ongoing.

Republic of Ireland 

Competition to restart on 31 July.

Romania - RESUMED

Competition restarted on 13 June and will last until the end of July. Discussions ongoing; aim to have minimum for each stadium sector; minimum distance of 2m.

Russia - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 21 June. Government allows 10% of stadium capacity to be used.

San Marino - CANCELLED

Season could not be restarted due to the restricted state legislation related to the COVID crisis.

Scotland - CANCELLED

On 18 May, top tier clubs agreed to terminate season prematurely; average points per game used to determine final placings.

Serbia - RESUMED

Domestic league resumed on 30 May with changed format - no play-offs. Government exempted football from the restriction on mass gatherings to maximum 1000 people. So, there is no maximal amount of fans.

Slovakia - RESUMED

League resumed on 13 June (5 instead of 10 games). From 1 July, fans are allowed but one empty seat between each fan. In practice, up to 50% stadium capacity can be used.

Slovenia - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 5 June. No spectators allowed for rest of season.


Competition resumed on 11 June. Request to Government to allow 30% of normal capacity in stadium.

Sweden - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 14 June and played through to beginning of December. No spectators allowed and no decision on when it would become possible again.

Switzerland - RESUMED

Domestic cup resumed on 14 June, competition on 18 June. Currently, 300 people allowed at stadium (including players, staff, etc, but also some fans); plan is to increase this figure to a couple of thousands in the next couple of weeks.


Turkey - RESUMED

19/20 season resumed on 12 June for completion by 26 July. No spectators allowed for now; situation reevaluated in July.

Ukraine - RESUMED

Competition resumed on 30 May, to be completed by 24 July. No spectators allowed but discussions ongoing.


The FA has confirmed the end of domestic leagues this season. Connah's Quay Nomads crowned Champions. Promotion/relegation still to be determined.