In order to allow ECA Member Clubs to exchange views and ideas on specific topics of interest, ECA regularly organises Workshops with the participation of club experts and external specialists. These Workshops are organised exclusively for ECA Member Clubs.

The aim of these Workshops goes beyond exchanging thoughts and know-how, to gather opinions and information on common interests, formulate common goals and try to anticipate future trends and developments.

So far, ECA has organised the following workshops:

  • 2019: HR & Organisational Development (Milan)
  • 2018: 'Socio' Membership Structure (Split)
  • 2017: Club History & Museums (Manchester), Legal (Marseille), Youth (Munich), Women's Club Football (Florence)
  • 2016: Women's Football (Barcelona), CSR & Sustainability (Turin)
  • 2015: Governance (Warsaw), Youth Football (Manchester)
  • 2014: Club Structure & Organisation (Frankfurt)
  • 2013: Sponsorship & Brand Building (Barcelona)
  • 2012: Legal Affairs (Munich), Youth Academies (London)
  • 2011: New Media (Munich), Fan Relations (Barcelona)