ECA Subdivision Meeting successfully held in Prague

Tuesday, 12 11 2013

The participants of the Prague Subdivision Meeting

33 representatives from 31 Member Clubs attended the two-day 3rd Subdivision Meeting organised in Prague, Czech Republic, on 11-12 November. Participants included clubs from Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia and Sweden.

This 3rd Subdivision Meeting is the first one of its kind for the new ECA cycle, which will see Subdivision Meetings replacing Regional Meetings. This is explained by the fact that the discussed topics are increasingly related to the coefficient position rather than the specific geographical region.

Jakub Otava, ECA Board Member and representative of AC Sparta Praha said: 'The concept of ECA Regional Meetings has been in place since the very early days of the organisation and has been very important for ECA. In the last 5 years, through Regional Meetings, ECA and Member Clubs got a great insight of national particularities and got closer to each other. Today, by organising Subdivision Meetings, we have grown as an association. More than ever before, clubs are sitting together and are ready to share knowledge, experiences and views on common matters. Furthermore, it is for us a privilege to host more than 30 clubs on the eve of our 120 years club's anniversary.'

The topics discussed at the Subdivision Meeting included the UEL qualification phase, the UCL/UEL solidarity payments for qualification rounds, the loans systems in Europe, as well as specific legal matters and future ECA projects. Moreover, the ECA Administration seized the opportunity to update and inform the participants about several new ECA services offered to the Members, and gathered some feedback on the organisation.

The next Subdivision Meeting will be organised in December and will target Member Clubs from the 4th Subdivision.