General Assembly

The 17th ECA General Assembly meeting took place in Geneva in September 2016

The ECA General Assembly is ECA's supreme body and consists of all ECA Member Clubs. Ordinary Meetings of the General Assembly are held twice per year at a time decided by the ECA Executive Board (traditionally at the beginning of each season in September and in February/March). Each Member Club is invited to appoint one representative to attend the General Assembly Meeting.

The General Assembly, amongst others, has the following powers:

  • to modify the ECA Statutes & Organisational Regulations;
  • to hold elections in accordance with the rules set out in Article 20 of the ECA Statutes;
  • to approve the annual membership fees and the yearly budget proposed by the ECA Executive Board;
  • to approve the accounts;
  • to appoint an independent auditor;
  • to discharge any ECA Executive Board Member;
  • to suspend or expel any Member Club from ECA upon a proposal of the ECA Executive Board.

An Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting may be convened by the ECA Executive Board, or at the request of at least 20 percent of ECA Members.

The 19th ECA General Assembly Meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 4 & 5 September 2017, and the next one will be held in Rome in March 2018.