Events & Activities

The European Club Association offers several opportunities to its Members Clubs to meet each other throughout the season, allowing them to exchange knowledge, thoughts and ideas on various issues affecting the European club game.

ECA General Assembly
The bi-annual General Assembly meeting is ECA's main gathering, bringing together all ECA Member Clubs. Generally held in February/March and September of every year, the Generally Assembly notably has the power to modify the ECA Statutes & Organisational Regulations and to hold elections in accordance with the rules set out in Article 20 of the ECA Statutes.

ECA Subdivision Meetings
Subdivision Meetings are regularly held throughout the season, and allow Member Clubs from a specific Subdivision to exchange thoughts and ideas on current matters of importance. Since 2013, Subdivision Meetings replaced Regional Meetings, given the fact that the discussed topics are increasingly related to the coefficient ranking position rather than the specific geographical region.

ECA Workshops
At least once per season, ECA also organises thematic Workshops exclusively for Member Clubs with the participation of club experts and external specialists.

ECA Awards
Since 2010, ECA introduced the ECA Awards, aimed at rewarding outstanding club performances, encouraging best practice and highlighting successful club management. Divided into 4 categories, the ECA Awards are distributed every year at the occasion of the September ECA General Assembly.